Intro to Everlaw: Get Up to Speed

Join us for an introductory demonstration of the Everlaw platform where we will explore the three ways that Everlaw helps organizations discover what matters most, reveal and bring hidden data to light, and act on information.

Improve Review Outcomes with Predictive Coding

Do looming deadlines and a huge document corpus make review seem daunting? Curious about predictive coding but not sure how to set up a model? Learn how to leverage predictive coding on the Everlaw platform to make the review process more efficient and accurate.

Managing Data Subject Access Requests

When the GDPR went into effect mid-2018, it created significant challenges for many organisations. Learn how organisations are able to quickly discover unstructured data, reveal the relevant underlying information, and collaboratively act on these requests in a timely manner.

Taking Aim at
Ediscovery Vendors

With countless ediscovery options on the market, buyers often find themselves lost in their journey to compare the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Here we'll explore the difficulties with assessing ediscovery vendors and what factors matter most in the evaluation process.

Expose Hidden Gaps in Data Sets

When handling large discovery projects, it’s important to have the right tools to get insights into the structure of a data set. The Everlaw Data Visualizer generates interactive visualizations from any set of documents that provide key insights into document dates, metadata, contents, formats, review activity, and predicted relevance.

Bringing Dark Data
to Light

Social media photos, foreign languages, voicemail recordings... Increasingly, the information you need to succeed in ediscovery is not created in a searchable format. How can you access this "dark data"? Join us for a lively exploration of the sources of dark data, the best techniques for illuminating it, and the importance of technology competence for attorneys.