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Act Fast When Time Is Short

Leverage powerful discovery technology to modernize your approach in cyber breaches, whistleblower actions, subpoenas, audits, and more.

Go Ahead, Beat the Clock

Slash the time it takes to surface hidden insights for the best outcomes in internal investigations.

Collaborate in real time to track key documents, build priority event chronologies, and craft strong reports – all in a single secure platform you control.

Faster, Seamless Investigations


Streamline Workflows

Simplify data uploads and get straight to review with Cloud Connector tools that let you ingest data directly from today’s leading cloud apps into your encrypted platform.

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Surface Hidden Insights

Let cutting-edge AI-powered visualization tools help you understand the who and what at the onset of a matter. Rein in big data with powerful culling tools and surface critical documents faster with predictive coding.


Spot Key Connections

Identify key concepts across millions of documents almost instantly and transition effortlessly from broad analysis to document-level review with powerful but approachable AI, intuitive data visualizations, and easy-to-use search capabilities.


Craft Compelling Narratives

Break down silos and collaborate in real time using Storybuilder to create templates for interview questions, organize key documents, draft reports, and more.


Why Is Speed an Advantage in Regulatory Investigations?

Why Is Speed an Advantage in Regulatory Investigations?


Internal Investigations from Anywhere

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