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EverlawAI Assistant

Resolve legal matters faster than ever before with generative AI technology built specifically for litigation and investigations.

“EverlawAI Assistant frees up attorneys to do what we’ve always aspired to do, which is to do good by serving clients.”

Gordon Calhoun, Partner, Lewis Brisbois

Your Head Start, from Review to Drafting

Make meaning out of your litigation data – faster and more comprehensively than anyone else.


Get to the Merits Faster

Shorten time to insight and stay one step ahead, as EverlawAI Assistant provides AI doc summaries in bulk, extracts key people, dates, and numbers on demand, analyzes sentiment, and answers questions on-demand.


Move from Blank Page to First Draft in Seconds

EverlawAI Assistant turns your prompts into powerful first drafts, automatically creating statements of facts, draft arguments, or deposition summaries, with citations to supporting documents built directly in.


Make Review Determinations Easier

Craft unique coding criteria and allow EverlawAI Assistant to generate coding suggestions for your documents, complete with a rationale for the suggestion and citations directly to the document text.

Customer Beta Now Available

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Thoughtfully Designed by Everlaw’s In-House AI Experts

Use generative AI with confidence, backed by a team that pairs deep understanding of the legal system with extensive AI expertise.

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Transform Your Approach to Litigation with Everlaw

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Herman Brown
Chief Information Officer

Sher Edling

Stephanie Biehl

Lewis Brisbois

Gordon Calhoun


Benjamin Llinas
Ediscovery Manager

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