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Collaborative Trial Preparation

Unlock the collaborative power of your team with comprehensive deposition and trial-preparation tools.

End-to-End Trial Prep

Make the strongest case by crafting case narratives throughout the ediscovery workflow. Manage the end-to-end process of investigations and litigation with an integrated suite of post-review tools with Storybuilder by Everlaw.

Keep work product in one central location and leverage integrated deposition tools to streamline end-to-end deposition task management.

Summit - Learn From the Best

Everlaw allows users to collaborate deeply with messaging and sharing capabilities to make the trial-preparation process more technologically advanced.

Ryan O'Leary
Research Director, IDC

Craft the Strongest Case


Collaborate and Automate Deposition Prep

Collaborate and communicate securely with internal teams and outside counsel in real time.

Eliminate sticky notes and manual transcription with the central task-management center that is integrated into deposition note-taking and follow-up assignments.


Organize Case Timelines and Outline Narratives

Streamline all aspects of a cohesive case theory by crafting case timelines in the same platform where review took place.

Create clarity with seamless version control while your team builds key outlines and deposition questions.

Transform Your Approach to Litigation with Everlaw

Levy Vinick

Elly Oxman

San Francisco DA's Office

Herman Brown
Chief Information Officer

Sher Edling

Stephanie Biehl

Bienert Katzman

Garrison Giali
Litigation Paralegal