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Early Case Assessment

Make smart decisions faster with insights from the data that matter the most.

Slash Doc Review

Move fast with early insight and dramatically cut the number of documents requiring active review. Assess the viability of your case, risk exposure, and potential costs at the onset of an investigation or litigation, then promote only the data you need to active review.

Everlaw users slash ECA data by 74% on average.

Comprehensive Early Case Assessment


Understand Your Data

Get started quickly with drag-and-drop uploads or connect directly to your cloud-based apps. Documents are processed and imaged up front in the ECA environment, allowing for full document interaction.


Simplify Complex Searches

Narrow the scope of review to what matters with user-friendly search tools and search term reports. Control costs by focusing on just the relevant docs.


See It in Context

Get a bird’s-eye view of your data and spot communication patterns by creating interactive visualizations from any set of documents for faster, more efficient review.


Power Up with AI

Rely on intuitive AI-enabled visuals to quickly surface valuable insights from millions of documents without manually building a search. Let Everlaw Clustering help uncover key concepts to speed up analysis.