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Built for State and Local Governments

Modernize your office’s approach to ediscovery, investigations, and public records requests with a highly secure, StateRAMP-authorized solution.

Trusted from Coast to Coast

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Stay Ahead on Complex Matters

Move faster with lightning-fast processing speeds and nearly instant search, so teams can get a jump-start on urgent matters. Automate repeatable tasks to expedite workflows and protect your data in a secure, StateRAMP-authorized platform.


Legal Holds

Automate the Preservation Process

Quickly issue and track legal holds. With Everlaw, teams can streamline legal notices and data preservation with automated escalations and a built-in audit trail.



Illuminate Key Facts

Everlaw automatically transcribes audio/visual files, pulls metadata from email attachments, and makes hidden connections easily discoverable, bringing to the surface relevant evidence.



Collaborate Seamlessly

With Everlaw, teams can utilize in-platform messaging to share insights and collaborate on trial preparation in Storybuilder – with unlimited users for no extra fee.



Streamline Redactions

Redact documents, including native spreadsheets, with confidence. Powerful analytics help automatically identify and redact words, phrases, metadata, entire pages, or patterns, such as personally identifiable information (PII), simplifying public records request redactions. Apply customizable redaction stamps to indicate the redaction reason.

Better Government Solutions

Manage ediscovery to trial, all in one place.


Find the needle in the haystack during review. With Everlaw’s intuitive platform, teams can find and act on relevant information, spot trends within data sets, and reduce security risks throughout a matter’s life cycle.

Trial Preparation

Manage even the largest, most complex matters in one place. Everlaw brings teams together in a unified platform, with comprehensive review, collaboration, and trial-prep tools.

Multidistrict Litigation

Public Records Requests

Eliminate long lags and backlogs while responding to public records requests. Regardless of size or scope, offices can tap into Everlaw’s innovative production tool to report, track, and share at record speeds.

Bring your office’s litigation and investigations onto the cloud and into the future.

White Paper

Ediscovery Innovation Report: Public Sector

2022 Ediscovery Innovation Report: Public Sector

Success Story

Everlaw + Indiana Attorney General

Everlaw + Indiana AG


Ease the Burden of Public Records and FOIA Requests

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