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Everlaw Product Certification

Turn your product expertise into your biggest career asset.


Tap into the Full Power of the Everlaw Platform

The Everlaw Product Certification Program lets you operate our best-in-class ediscovery platform at its highest potential. By becoming product certified, you’ll have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips to propel your team, company, and career forward.

Certification Tracks

Reviewer Certification

Reviewer Badge 400x400px

Topics: Document Review, Search Fundamentals.

Best for: Beginners and professionals conducting document review on the platform.

Cost: Content Free, Exam Cost: $100

Estimated Completion: 5 Hours

Storybuilder Certification

Everlaw CertificationBadges Master Storybuilder

Topics: Timeline, Collaborative Drafting, Deposition workflows.

Best for: Beginners and legal professionals collaboratively building their case narrative in Everlaw.

Cost: Content Free, Exam Cost: $100

Estimated Completion: 3 Hours

Data Operations Certification

Data Operations Badge 400x400px

Topics: Data Uploads, Production.

Best for: Those looking to conduct their own uploads and productions and professionals responsible for their team’s data operations.

Cost: $250

Estimated Completion: Under 10 Hours

Everlaw AI Certification

Everlaw AI Badge 400x400px

Topics: Clustering, Predictive Coding, Everlaw’s generative AI feature set.

Best for: Intermediate and advanced users familiar with TAR and predictive coding workflows.

Cost: $250

Estimated Completion: Under 10 Hours

Review Certification

Managing Review Badge 400x400px

Topics: Document Review, Review Management, Assignments.

Best for: Professionals building or supporting their team’s document review workflows in Everlaw.

Cost: $250

Estimated Completion: Under 10 Hours

Manager Certification

Project Manager Badge 400x400px

Topics: Database and Case Setup, Data Exploration, Managing Document Review. Includes Reviewer and Data Operations specialized tracks.

Best for: Professionals overseeing their organization’s project administration efforts.

Cost: $400

Estimated Completion: 20+ Hours

Litigation Support Manager Certification

Lit Support Badge 400x400px

This certification covers the full platform functionality and includes all Foundational, Specialized, and Advanced tracks.

Best for: Everlaw power users and professionals fully supporting their organization’s use of Everlaw. Beginner or intermediate users of Everlaw should expect to complete this certification over time.

Cost: $650

Everlaw Product Certification Pricing

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Pricing for each certification track includes:

  • Access to all learning content
  • As many test attempts as needed
  • On-demand office hours support from our certification team
  • Access to all maintenance exams, for as long as you want to maintain your certification


Register Now

Enter the program at your comfort level and scale your product credentials over time. All foundational, specialized, and advanced tracks build towards our expert-level certification.

Certification Hierarchy

Become Your Organization’s Go-To Expert

Invest in Your Growth

Maximize your impact and stand out with an Everlaw Product Certification. Whichever track you choose, you’ll drive your knowledge – and career – forward.

Build on Your Expertise

Put the platform (and yourself) to the test. Become proficient at even the most complex tasks.

Scale Your Organizational Impact

Master all the little details to help expedite your team’s day-to-day processes.

Raise the Bar

Deepen knowledge of key workflows with tailored, role-based learning and industry best practices.

Always Stay up to Date

The Everlaw Product Certification Program provides a framework to continually sharpen your product knowledge with maintenance exams on the latest product developments.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Once you’re done, show off all that hard work! You’ll be able to share newly earned credentials with your organization and industry peers.

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Completing the Everlaw certification at an early stage in my journey with the platform helped me form a solid base on which to build my experience and knowledge. It was definitely also a benefit when it came to having confidence in what I could bring to a new team.

Hannah Meldrum
Edisclosure Project Coordinator, Travers Smith