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Ediscovery Software Made for This Moment

Find the facts that matter and transform your approach to litigation and investigations with a cloud-native ediscovery platform designed for the 21st century.

Stay Ahead of the Curve – and the Competition

Find key facts in record time, with industry-leading processing and review speeds. Handle almost any file type, from PDFs to CAD files to Slack, all in one platform.

Build the strongest case possible as you craft narratives throughout the ediscovery workflow.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Ediscovery Software



Unmatched in Uploads

Everlaw can process 900K docs per hour while simultaneously checking for errors and duplicates. Fast uploads of nearly every data type and automatic OCR of images and audio transcriptions mean no ingestion delays.

Drag and drop files directly from the desktop or any popular cloud solution without requiring a dedicated admin.



Simple, Powerful Search

Build complex and accurate searches with Everlaw. An easy-to-use color-coded interface runs highly sophisticated queries via clickable terms – and search results load nearly instantaneously, no matter how complex the search string or how large the document trove.



Powerful AI

Accelerate your litigation process with advanced AI any legal professional can use. With simple training, Everlaw’s powerful machine learning algorithm learns to predict document relevance, enabling faster and more scalable review. Improve a predictive coding model by identifying the most relevant words or phrases, to produce more accurate results and help prioritize review. Everlaw performance statistics help create a defensible model that holds up to scrutiny and provides more insight about when to stop the review process.



Streamlined Reviews

Enjoy dozens of thoughtfully designed features to make your review run smoother – from instant foreign language translation in over 109 languages (from Albanian to Vietnamese) to robust automated and native file redaction capabilities to instant audio/video transcription that unlock multimedia searching. Leverage dynamic review assignments for faster, more accurate, and broader document reviews. And if mistakes happen, Everlaw’s coding undo button means fixes are quick and painless.



Advanced, Interactive Visualizations

Uncover hidden relationships and new insights with rich visualization tools that move at the same speed you do. Explore document sets or communication threads at a glance using interactive visualizations to show key insights into document dates, metadata, contents, formats, review activity, predicted relevance, and more. Customize visualizations to see data in a way that works best.


Ease of Use

Revolutionary Review and Production

Review documents in their native formats on platform. Capitalize on already fast review speeds with coding presets and a customizable review interface to match the preferences of any user – with total control over layouts.

Simplify and error-proof productions with endorsement stamping, customized Bates numbering, auditable sharing capabilities, and more.

Meet the Demands of Modern Ediscovery

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Perkins Coie

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Senior Manager, Ediscovery

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Chief Information Officer


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Ediscovery Manager