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Handle Public Records Requests with Ease

Break through records backlogs and save taxpayer money with Everlaw for FOIA and public records requests.

Serve Your Citizens with Ease

No matter the size or scope of the request, speed up response times by leveraging reliable uploads and powerful search. Use Everlaw’s wizard-driven production tool to report, track, and share.

Confidently protect your office’s data and privileged information with top-grade security and industry-leading automated redaction tools. Collaborate with your team on records request responses and share data with requestors via a secure link with built-in audit trails.

Trusted from Coast to Coast

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Optimized Workflows, Unmatched Security


Review Right Away

Upload data directly from the most popular cloud-storage solutions, including Microsoft Office. With processing speeds of 900K documents per hour, you can start reviewing right away.


Designed for Government Users

Access Everlaw from any modern web browser, without installing new hardware or adding a maintenance burden. Everlaw is built on AWS GovCloud and is both FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorized. Everlaw’s intuitive user interface makes it simple for anyone to use without the need for lengthy and expensive certifications. Everlaw’s Instant Visual Search is designed to be easy and more natural with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Results are displayed almost instantaneously.

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Shorten Time to Respond

Quickly identify key documents and custodians with Clustering, Data Visualizer, and Communication Visualizer to gather responsive documents without manually building a search. Rapidly surface relevant documents, ensure consistency of coding decisions, and optimize search term generation for current and future requests.


Streamlined Redactions

Redact documents, including native spreadsheets, with confidence. Powerful analytics help automatically identify and redact words, phrases, metadata, entire pages, or patterns, such as personally identifiable information (PII), simplifying public records request redactions. Apply customizable redaction stamps to indicate the redaction reason.

Break Through Backlogs with Everlaw

Everlaw provides lightning-fast data-ingestion speeds, seamless connections to common cloud-storage platforms, powerful search, and integrated collaborative capabilities, all within one intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Stay Ahead of Your FOIA and Public Records Requests

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