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Built for Data Privacy

Manage high request volumes, meet short deadlines for regulatory obligations, and do it all under budget.

Stay Ahead on Data Privacy

Eliminate backlogs while meeting your production obligations, and do it all under budget. Quickly search through troves of documents to comply with FOIA requests and utilize easy redaction tools to meet the demands of time-sensitive DSARs.

Seamless onboarding, free live user-training sessions, complimentary technical support, and strategic, consultative guidance enable you to build success and respond to obligations.

Meet the Demands of Compliance and Regulation


Faster Uploads and Smarter Searches

Quickly upload files directly into Everlaw with processing speeds of up to 900K docs per hour.

Find the needle in the haystack with multiple search capabilities that return instantaneous results and a visual search builder that generates complex, accurate searches.


Project and Document-Level Redactions

Save both time and cost on traditionally tedious tasks with automated redactions, including bulk-redacting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), across multiple documents, spreadsheets, and inverse/whole-page redactions.


In-Platform Sharing

Safeguard messages between team members with Everlaw’s in-platform messaging. Enable collaboration between colleagues without compromising security.