Ediscovery for Law Firms

Unlock value and deliver better client results with a powerful platform for litigation.

For Law Firms

Deliver Results Faster

Meet deadlines efficiently with features that automate duplicative work, simplify complex legal work, and enable collaboration across teams.

Build the Strongest Case with Storybuilder

Build the strongest case. Collaborate to craft narratives, organize arguments logically, prepare and conduct depositions, and manage the end-to-end process of litigation with a secure, integrated suite of post-review tools, Storybuilder.

Control Ediscovery Costs

Leverage predictable pricing, free training, and support to reduce cost while minimizing spend on third-party vendors and costly plug-ins.

Benefits of Everlaw for Law Firms

Everlaw announces the legal industry’s first free case and deposition prep toolkit, Storybuilder by Everlaw.

Find out how you can build stronger cases.
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