Customer success
with Everlaw

Read about how law firms, corporations, and government agencies have achieved success with Everlaw

Benesch (Video)

A global AMLaw 200 firm reduces ediscovery costs and finds a secret weapon for trial preparation while significantly boosting user software adoption across the firm.

McDonald Carano (Video)

Learn about how a tech-savvy Nevada-based law firm leverages artificial intelligence to expedite document review.

Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter

A midwest law firm capitalizes on transparent pricing from Everlaw to improve their client relationships.


Ten million documents (many in foreign languages), corrupt files, and a tiny review team. Find out how Hausfeld still managed to win the day using Everlaw.

State AG

A state attorney was frustrated—they had tried several popular ediscovery platforms but each one created more problems than they solved. Then they switched to Everlaw.

GM Ignition Switch

A highly complex matter—31 law firms, 200 reviewers, and 2.5 million documents—where plaintiffs were able quickly weave together compelling case narratives.