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Read about how law firms, corporations, and government agencies have achieved success with Everlaw

Sher Edling LLP

Sher Edling represents states, cities, public agencies, and businesses as plaintiffs in high-impact litigation to hold firms accountable for their impact on climate change. Discovery is a continuous process in complex environmental litigation, and Sher Edling looked to Everlaw for a solution that met their requirements for speed, search, share, and smarts.

san francisco chronicle and everlaw
San Francisco Chronicle (video)

Investigative journalists at the San Francisco Chronicle use document review and fact finding tools to uncover the truth behind radioactively contaminated land, left over from cold war-era US naval bases, being used for new housing developments.

scharf banks and everlaw
Scharf Banks Marmor

Scharf Banks Marmor is a sophisticated firm that's committed to using the best technology available for their clients' needs. With Everlaw, the firm found a competitive edge in courting corporate clients thanks to the platform's security certifications, lightning-fast speed, and powerful advanced technology.

fire litigation consulting and everlaw
Greg McCullough (video)

Considered the “Magic Man,” independent fire litigation consultant Greg McCullough turns to Everlaw to find meaningful information within terabytes of data and millions of documents.

allensworth and porter and everlaw logo
Allensworth & Porter

A key feature was missing in Allensworth & Porter’s previous ediscovery tool: predictive coding. With Everlaw, the firm discovered a powerful cloud-based, AI-powered solution with a couple additional features that came as a pleasant surprise: transparent pricing and complimentary customer support.

gulf coast legal technology center and everlaw
Tom O’Connor (video)

For ediscovery legend Tom O’Connor, multimedia files have presented a significant cost barrier in his long career as a federal defense attorney. Everlaw has given him the capability to ingest, process, and review video and audio files with ease and all in a single platform.

EDRM and everlaw
EDRM (video)

Ediscovery pioneer and technologist Mary Mack of EDRM offers a glimpse of legal tech’s future where ediscovery tools will need to be more transparent about “how things are done.” One of the key drivers will be artificial intelligence which will provide more predictability.

berger kahn logo and everlaw
Berger Kahn (video)

Berger Kahn is using powerful ediscovery technology and taking its fire litigation practice to new heights. The firm values the ability of Everlaw to “create a universe where the attorneys are directly involved in the evidence.”

cognicion logo and everlaw
Cognicion (video)

With the goal of “offering the best solutions” to customers, ediscovery technology provider Cognicion chooses Everlaw for our vision and ease of adoption.

philips black and everlaw
Phillips Black (video)

Faced with a lack of resources, an Oakland-based nonprofit law firm that represents indigent clients on death row discovers the power and freedom of automated document review and collaborative narrative building.

mcdonald carano and everlaw
McDonald Carano (video)

Learn about how a tech-savvy Nevada-based law firm leverages artificial intelligence to expedite document review.

benesch logo and everlaw
Benesch (video)

A global AMLaw 200 firm reduces ediscovery costs and finds a secret weapon for trial preparation while significantly boosting user software adoption across the firm.

kegler brown and everlaw
Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter

A midwest law firm capitalizes on transparent pricing from Everlaw to improve their client relationships.

brooks kushman logo and everlaw
Brooks Kushman

Brooks Kushman, Michigan’s largest intellectual property firm, chose Everlaw to get the firm, their cases, and all of their attorneys up and running fast.

state attorneys general and everlaw
State AG

A state attorney was frustrated—they had tried several popular ediscovery platforms but each one created more problems than they solved. Then they switched to Everlaw.

gm ignition switch litigation and everlaw
GM Ignition Switch

A highly complex matter—31 law firms, 200 reviewers, and 2.5 million documents—where plaintiffs were able quickly weave together compelling case narratives.