Modern Ediscovery: Introducing Cellebrite Exports to Everlaw

It goes without saying that ediscovery has had to keep up with the changing times, and no, for once, we’re not talking about sheltering in place. In this case, Everlaw has addressed the ever-growing need for reviewing mobile data in a profound way. We are introducing – support for Cellebrite collections!

What is Cellebrite, and Why Should I Care?

For those unfamiliar, Cellebrite is an Israeli company that primarily produces software for mobile forensics purposes used by law enforcement agencies, military branches, corporate security and investigations teams, and law firms. It has become one of the leading mobile data collection services in the world. About 96% of Americans own a mobile device, and 81% own a smartphone. In other words, that is a lot of data that could potentially be extracted and used in litigation. Rightfully so, Cellebrite’s universal forensic extraction device (UFED) — and the file formats it extracts, especially UFDR — are becoming increasingly common in today’s ediscovery landscape, especially as more law firms are turning to remote collection methods

How Cellebrite Exports Work on Everlaw

The challenge with UFED export archives is being able to view and understand what the data means in an intelligible manner. Because of this, Everlaw has built custom support for easily ingesting and viewing Cellebrite exports. Everlaw customers can view short-form messages, such as texts and chats, in a format that closely resembles their native format. Each conversation sits within a single document, and each message in the conversation appears as a text bubble the way it does on a mobile device. The conversation name and participants are displayed at the top of the document, which helps provide a complete understanding of the context of the conversation. Images appear in-line, and any other documents appear as attachments to the chat. Reviewers of any expertise level can feel confident when reviewing chat conversations due to the simplicity of the familiar chat bubbles.Example Cellebrite Exports Conversation

Example of Cellebrite Exports Conversation

In addition to viewing conversations, Everlaw customers can also view phone logs in a spreadsheet format, contacts found on the device, and visited pages. Searchable metadata unique to chat conversations are generated and made searchable, like chat contributors and start/end dates. There’s no need to use a third-party plugin or software to access and view this Cellebrite data. It’s kept all on the same Everlaw platform, making for streamlined and straightforward review of Cellebrite exports.Armed with all the necessary chat data for a case – and having it accessible and user-friendly to understand in context – legal teams can view and understand the complete picture of any Cellebrite data uploaded. This, in turn, enables simplified review and the construction of compelling case arguments.Are you interested in learning how to keep sensitive data secure while practicing law remotely? Check out “Cybersecurity in the World of Ediscovery: Tips and Considerations for Legal Organizations” to find out.