Join Our Webinar — Transitioning Federal Agencies to the Cloud

Transitioning Federal Agencies to the Cloud Webinar

On Wednesday, October 28th, at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT, Everlaw’s, Angela Kovach, Senior Federal Solutions Architect, and Caitlin Reinmuth, Product Marketing Manager, will have a conversation on “Transitioning Federal Agencies to the Cloud: Innovation in Procurement.“

One of the fastest routes to IT modernization lies in the adoption of cloud computing technology. By leveraging cloud technology, Federal agencies can rapidly implement new technologies while also saving costs that have traditionally been for data center maintenance. 

Tune in as we explore ways that agencies can leverage technology and disruptive thinking to shake up the procurement process and discover new solutions to evergreen challenges. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Taking advantage of agency “Wish Lists.”
  • Making the right “match.”
  • What to look for in vendors during procurement planning.
  • Fast-tracking technology acquisitions with the FAR.
  • Thinking outside the procurement box.
  • How “Pitch Days” are helping agencies find innovative new solutions.

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