Legal Matter Management: Organization Administration Made Easy

Managing multiple matters all at once is undeniably difficult, especially when key players operate across geographical locations. Ultimately, the success of legal matter management hinges on three key factors: a project’s setup, who has access to which documents, and efficiently replicating workflows. Additionally, complex matters require strict information governance and adherence to compliance guidelines.

With the shift to remote work, litigation support managers and other administrators now have the extra responsibilities of maintaining data security and ensuring ediscovery teams have access to the right documents and cloud-based tools. Everlaw’s organization administrator capabilities enable litigation support administrators by boosting long-term efficiency and productivity across multiple matters while keeping data secure. 

Here are the top tips for organization administration on Everlaw.

Invest Time in Creating Project Templates

Taking advantage of Everlaw’s project templates is an easy way to quicken ramp-up time and to remain consistent across all databases. With this feature, users are able to create common issue codes, establish document access settings, and design user groups with specific permission levels.

When it’s time to create a database for a new matter, users can leverage project templates to preserve and utilize previously-used settings. Everlaw makes it simple to ensure that users are starting off on secure footing and saving valuable time. This increase in efficiency ultimately makes it easier to save money in the long term.

Project Templates are Here

Control All Data

Organization administrators have the unique ability to upload processed data at their convenience (or, if assistance is needed, can work with Everlaw’s customer support team) to upload any Bates-stamped productions. There are a few extra necessary steps when uploading processed data, but Everlaw’s free organization admin training sessions make it easy to learn. Having this distinctive permission shortens the turnaround time for accessing processed data uploads, which in turn boosts productivity across a team and improves legal matter management processes.

Enjoy Increased Visibility into Multiple Matters

Having full visibility into various matters can cut costs down the line, and being an organization administrator gives users unique insight into and control over their matters. Users can quickly spin up new databases, delete or suspend databases, and rename databases without waiting for customer support to facilitate. This gives users full control over their data, and with that, the costs associated with their data.

The intuitively-designed Organization Admin Dashboard allows users to anticipate monthly costs via the project sizes tab and track all the administrators across their organization, which is especially useful in a remote-working environment. Additionally, being able to search across all projects allows legal organizations with overlapping document sets to identify overarching patterns and compare results across many projects.

Legal Matter Management with Everlaw

Organization administrators hold a lot of responsibility, and it can be challenging to manage all the ins and outs of various matters. The unique functionalities on Everlaw can help users save time, increase visibility into their databases, anticipate costs for them and their clients, and accelerate the process of getting new cases up and running. As users add more matters to Everlaw, these features make scaling matters securely a breeze. 

Interested in becoming an Everlaw organization administrator? Contact us to request a demo and to find out more.