Join Our Webinar: How to Collaboratively Craft Narratives and Prepare for Depositions

On March 24th at 10:00am PDT, Everlaw’s Jennifer Roberts and Alex Hafez will deliver a webinar on How to Collaboratively Craft Narratives and Prepare for Depositions, hosted by ACEDS (the Association of Certified Ediscovery Specialists). The webinar will show how Everlaw’s Storybuilder suite of tools provides litigation teams with a virtual workplace for seamless collaboration on post-review deposition and trial preparation.

The Problem with Traditional Litigation Preparation 

Post-review litigation preparation traditionally occurs over email, with competing versions of outlines sent back and forth until no one is sure what’s the most up to date. Crafting timelines, argument outlines, or lists of questions is almost never integrated into the same platform where document review took place. The loss of context and reviewer annotations plus the complexity of a post-review document corpus mean that key insights could get lost in the shuffle.

As the deposition date nears, manual drudgery abounds. Whether it’s printing out copies of exhibits, transcribing sticky notes post-deposition, or synchronizing deposition insights with transcripts, much of the effort put into preparing for a deposition is not substantive legal work. All this adds up to countless hours lost and spiraling costs that could have been better spent on substantive legal work.

Virtual Collaboration for Litigation 

Modern legal work is increasingly under pressure to happen among geographically distributed teams. Current events have made remote work a necessity for many legal professionals, and the trend in favor of working from home is likely to continue. Software that enables virtual collaboration for litigation teams is essential.

Everlaw Storybuilder enables legal departments to collaborate securely with colleagues, business partners, inside or outside counsel to craft narratives and efficiently manage the end-to-end process of investigations or litigation. 

Narrative building ensures alignment among investigative teams by enabling collaborative organization of key documents into a compelling body of evidence. Integrated deposition tracking tools enable significant cost reductions and time savings by eliminating the need to print out physical copies of all exhibits, pass handwritten notes, and later transfer key information into an online repository. 

Join Alex Hafez and Jennifer Roberts for an overview of how Storybuilder streamlines litigation preparation and sets the stage for critical internal and external collaboration. Register today.