Introducing the Everlaw API

Technology leaders worldwide realize the importance of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in our increasingly connected, modern economy. API development and app developer programs will undoubtedly continue to flourish in ediscovery and legal technology more broadly.

Everlaw strives to bolster software integrations with other applications with the introduction of the first-ever Everlaw API.

What is an API?

An API allows developers to integrate third-party services into their apps and to let their apps get used more easily by other developers. APIs save developers time and resources by making it easier to create new software applications by using another application’s features or data without having to rewrite that code themselves. API integrations are commonplace, whether we’re aware of it or not. For instance, checking the weather or sending virtual payments often uses an API.

API Access on the Everlaw Platform

The latest release includes the Everlaw API, a feature that clients can use to automate access to platform data. Organizations can build custom applications leveraging the Everlaw API, which includes the ability for programs to access Everlaw project management information, such as database or project sizes, permission groups, user information, billable size, and more. Leveraging the Everlaw API to automate gathering this information reduces the human error and laborious effort common in any manual process.

By leveraging the Everlaw API, teams can automate generating dashboards and reports to track relevant project costs and sizes. Users can generate API keys that securely allow programs using the Everlaw API to show the necessary authorization to access an organization’s data. 

API Dashboard - Everlaw

What’s Next?

Everlaw innovates faster than anyone in the industry with a four-week product release cycle. This commitment to rapid innovation showcases how Everlaw is modernizing ediscovery with high-impact features and platform improvements, so our clients never fall behind on the technology curve.

This is just the beginning of Everlaw’s journey to enable automated access to data that is customizable to different organizations’ needs through an API. The Everlaw team’s plans to continue expanding API access to other areas of the platform, such as uploads.

Curious about the innovative product feature Everlaw released in 2020? Register to attend our webinar, “Everlaw Wrapped 2020,” where product experts will share product highlights from 2020.  Additionally, learn more about the Everlaw API in our recent release notes.