Discovering What Matters

In business, as in life, the things that matter are difficult to reach and they’re often buried in places we may not think to look.

At work, we wrestle with an inbox of unread emails, spend hours in meetings while furtively checking our chat threads, and consume a steady diet of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in our spare moments and then round out the day listening to a podcast on our commute home. Buried in these interactions with technology are brushstrokes of substance: that rare block of satisfying maker time; a connection with a co-worker over lunch; an aha moment during a brainstorming session; even a deep breath while looking out the window.

We are living in a world of information overload, and it’s human nature to fall prey to a routine of convenience and novelty that provides only a fleeting sense of satisfaction. By some estimates, the human brain is bombarded with 34 gigabytes of information each day, which is enough data to fill up the hard drive of a modern computer in about two weeks. Let me note that this study by researchers at the University of California-San Diego was conducted 10 years ago, when data-intensive communication channels such as social media were just beginning to take off.

Today, we are moving at lightspeed away from the less-is-more idyllic world and creating the more-isn’t-enough generation. As megabytes turn into terabytes, even ocean exploration is no longer always about discovering new life forms, but instead for better ways to cool computer servers.

In the world of ediscovery, the Data Dilemma is at DEFCON 3 as corporations, law firms, and government agencies scramble to explore solutions to conduct document review and production in more efficient ways. It’s a race to find meaning whether something of value or, aspirationally, something beautiful in an environment of chaotic, noisy data and enormous complexity.

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