How Everlaw Updates Support Critical Discoveries within your Data

Everlaw gives ediscovery teams the power of discovery in their work. Review teams can ingest, organize, search through, and review massive troves of data in order to discover and produce relevant underlying information. Some of our capabilities here include data ingestion, search, review, and productions.

Our product and engineering teams have been busy over the last couple of months continuing to improve upon our platform in the following ways:

  • Parallelize Cloud Uploads
  • Foreign-Language OCR for In-Platform Reprocessing
  • Redactions in Native Only Productions
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Server for Downloads
  • Data Visualizer Dashboard

Read on for the details!

Parallelize Cloud Uploads

Parallelization for cloud uploads makes transferring large files from cloud sources up to 4x faster and more reliable than ever. Multi-threading uploads helps accelerate transferring large files and folders, by breaking them into pieces and then loading multiple pieces of the large file simultaneously. Read more

Foreign-Language OCR for In-Platform Reprocessing

In our increasingly global economy with more frequent cross-border litigation, multi-language document collections and reviews have become the norm. As a result, language OCR-ing capabilities are vital as they generate the required Unicode text for translation tools—such as Everlaw’s Language Translation feature. The updated foreign language OCR-ing option improves users’ ability to quickly translate and review key information in foreign language documents at a fraction of the cost and time of human translation. Read more

Redactions in Native Only Production

Native productions are more powerful in Everlaw with a new option to include images only for redacted documents. This streamlines the production workflow when producing to native, but when redacting is necessary. Read more

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Server For Downloads

Downloading productions from Everlaw is more reliable than ever. Securely and reliably download large production files using SFTP without worrying about network interruptions. This translates to time savings in the long run. You can still use our browser-based download as well. Read more

Data Visualizer Dashboard

When handling large discovery projects, it’s important to have the right tools for insights into the structure of a data set. While early exploration of a document corpus can be done, it’s challenging to see relationships between different classes of information when each aspect is displayed on its own.

Everlaw’s new Data Visualizer dashboard enables the comparison of multiple aspects of the data in a document corpus side by side. The dashboard enables users to generate interactive, customizable visualizations from any set of documents, and simultaneously display those visualizations in one unified location. It’s now easier than ever to get a sense of how different aspects of the data in a project overlap, making investigative and review workflows more efficient. Read more

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