Exploring Dark Data: Lisa Hawke in TechCrunch

Dark data is difficult to search or access. It creates data risk because it is created by the organization and contains important information, but is hard to find, manage, and secure.

The creation of this data is an important challenge for legal and compliance teams in both startups and corporations. Lisa Hawke, Everlaw’s Vice President of Security and Compliance, highlighted this in her recent article for TechCrunch’s new content channel ExtraCrunch: How to handle dark data compliance risk at your company. The article is reproduced below.

It’s a guide for legal teams accounting for new types of employee communication in their compliance and governance models. The increasing frequency of reported data breaches and expanding jurisdiction of privacy laws are prompting conversations about dark data and risks at companies of all sizes—even startups.

The article provides recommendations for mitigating risks presented by dark data. These recommendations can be implemented by a Legal, Security, or Information Governance team at a larger company, or a Project Manager in a startup.

These include both finding out what data you have and documenting where it is, and identifying third-party and supply chain risk and creating a plan to manage it.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://blog.everlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Lisa-Hawke-Dark-Data-Compliance-1.pdf” title=”Lisa Hawke – Dark Data Compliance (1)”]