A Day With Save the Bay

On Thursday, April 25th, a team from Everlaw volunteered with Save The Bay, an Oakland, CA non-profit working to protect San Francisco Bay.

[pullquote]Save The Bay is the largest regional organization working to protect, restore and celebrate San Francisco Bay since 1961. Save The Bay mobilizes thousands of Bay Area residents to protect and restore the Bay for future generations, both as advocates in their community and volunteers on the shoreline. In this era of climate change and a growing population, we work with scientists and policymakers to protect the Bay as our region’s most important natural resource–essential to our environment, economy, and quality of life.[/pullquote]

The team cleaned up trash and cleared out invasive weeds at Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline in Oakland. They learned the importance of rebuilding native plant habitat to support endemic species. By the end of the day, the Everlaw team had removed 50 pounds of trash and 200 pounds of weeds!

To support this organization and the important work they’re doing for the Bay, get in touch with them!