A Reimagining of the Everlaw Brand

Everlaw’s vision and mission are bold with respect to the impact that we hope to make on the broader legal tech landscape. As a result, the Everlaw platform is constantly growing, changing, and improving for the better. Likewise, Everlaw the company continues to grow and evolve. In just the last year we’ve moved our headquarters from Berkeley to Oakland, officially crossed over 100 employees, and expanded our physical footprint with our first international office in London.

As a result of that growth, we’ve rapidly evolved beyond what our visual identity and brand were able to communicate about us as a company, and so we embarked on a brand refresh. The goals of our brand refresh were threefold:

  1. to build the foundation for a consistent visual identity that differentiates us,
  2. to reinforce our leadership position in the marketplace, and
  3. to ultimately build a more cohesive experience for our customers and our employees.

Our intent is to develop an even more meaningful brand for Everlaw—not just a logo—that extends beyond just our products or services and encompasses the entirety of the vision, culture, and aspirations both within the industry and beyond.

The new Everlaw logo:

The Everlaw diamond symbol represents the guiding principles that drive both how we build products and how we are building our company. We are proud that our software helps companies collaboratively solve complex legal matters, that we strive for excellence in what we do, and that the craftsmanship in our effort shines through. The “facets” of the new logo are representative of those elements and are intended to help illustrate the seamless and holistic integration between the software we’re building, the service we’re providing, and the company we’re building.

While the logo is just one element of our brand, it gets a lot of attention. But a logo can’t do everything for us and it’s imperative that it work alongside all of the other brand elements in order to tell a cohesive story. The Everlaw brand is everything that we say and do. It’s how and where we show up in the world, the product we build, and who we hire. Most of all, it’s represented through both expression and action. So while our logo has evolved, our mission and vision remain the same. We look forward to making even more progress along that journey.