Supercharged Document Review for Everybody

Ediscovery big dataCreating precise searches to narrow down a massive trove of documents into a corpus of evidence is a process essential to litigation. And we’re passionate about enabling people to investigate complex issues thoroughly and quickly, whether they’re first-time users of our product or power users. So we dedicated our last two releases on core search functionality, giving people even more power to review massive amounts of data and discover relevant information quickly. With the latest updates to our search page and results table, everyone can create more powerful searches, more efficiently.


Better Insight, Faster

One of the ways we’ve made it easier to rapidly sift through huge troves of data to pinpoint specific information is by building logical containers into our visual search interface. Logical containers are intuitive building blocks that enable the construction of complex queries via a clickable, drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the frustration that many experience when trying to craft lengthy queries with multiple filters and rules of syntax.


Our latest release gives people the additional option to group and filter individual logical containers, as well as drill down into different document types and codes with greater specificity. Some use cases where your team could benefit are:


Comprehensive and Efficient Pre-production QA

Easily run a search for all documents, including attachments, that have been coded responsive, but that have not been coded privileged. This is a powerful technique for drilling down through an entire project to find possible problems before producing documents for opposing counsel.



Quickly Reveal And Scrub All Documents with Attachments

Identify only the documents that are to be assigned or reviewed, and then perform batch actions on them or export them without affecting or including parent documents. This will retrieve all documents that are attachments within a project and make it easier to assign them out for review without touching parent documents.


No More Groundhog Day: Stop Reviewing The Same Emails

Remove non-inclusive emails from email threads when searching in a complete project. This can help filter out repetitive, superfluous email files so that people can focus time on the most complete ones.


Deduplicate Across All Documents That Meet Search Criteria

Group documents with their exact duplicates, and choose to only view one copy of every document in search results. (To learn more about deduplication within Everlaw search, see this article.)


More Intuitive Search Interface

We also made some improvements to our interface that make the search experience easier, including easy-to-access instructions for how to add logical operators to a search and improved logical operator negation — the process of combining possibilities of “and,” “or,” and “not” into a search (all color coded and clickable).

Now it’s possible to negate entire logical containers, in addition to negating individual search terms. This makes it easier to rapidly filter for documents that meet multiple criteria, or that fit one criterion but not another. For example, the below search returns all documents that are neither rated nor coded.


We want litigation teams to have robust review tools, but never at the cost of usability. We pride ourselves on empowering people to build powerful and complex searches, without having to go through a lengthy and opaque learning process. To see how our search features work together to support a more intuitive and efficient review process, we’d love to walk you through our platform.