Who Loves a Good Keyboard Shortcut? We Do!

In last Friday’s release, we introduced significant improvements to search efficiency, including keyboard shortcuts, easily discoverable metadata search terms, and changes to the results table!

Search usability: Keyboard shortcuts

We’re always striving to build the fastest and most intuitive search tool in the industry, and we know that many users prefer using a keyboard to clicking a mouse. Now, you can access some great keyboard shortcuts to build a complex search without ever needing to use your mouse! To access a list of shortcuts, use the ? key on your keyboard or click the “?” icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Conduct these actions in search with just your keyboard:

  • Find a term = f
  • Navigate across terms or containers = arrow keys (up, down, left, and right)
  • Rearrange a term or container = Shift + arrow key
  • Add “AND” operator = a
  • Add “OR” operator = o
  • Toggle logical operators = t
  • Negate a term or container = n
  • Duplicate a term = d
  • Delete a term or container = Delete
  • Open “More Options” = Enter

The search below is conducted entirely with keyboard shortcuts:

Search usability: Metadata search terms

With this release, all available metadata fields, including aliases and user-editable fields, have been broken out as separate terms under the Metadata header. Combined with the revamped keyboard shortcuts, performing a metadata search is now more visually intuitive and faster!

Need to find emails to or from a certain person, or pare down by custodian? Simply click “f” on your keyboard and start typing the field name to add the term. Prone to using a subset of metadata terms all the time? Easily pin them to the search page from a menu of options!

“Expand all” in the results table

“Expand all” functionality in the results table has been one of our most requested features, and we’re excited to announce that it’s now available! If you’ve grouped documents in the results table, you’ll see an expansion icon at the head of the groups column. Here, you can choose to expand or collapse all groups within the results table.

Check out all these features and more the next time you log into the Everlaw platform!