Lisa Hawke on the a16z Podcast: What to Know about GDPR

Today on the blog: more GDPR!

Lisa Hawke, Everlaw’s VP of Security of Compliance, was recently interviewed for the a16z Podcast by Steven Sinofsky, in the episode “What to Know about GDPR.”

Steven, current a16z board member and former President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, got Lisa’s take on how the GDPR carries what’s called “long-arm jurisdiction,” and what it means for products and companies in the U.S.

Of note, Lisa says,

“Startups tend to be more nimble. You may have fewer resources, but it’s also easier to make changes to your infrastructure, your org structure. And if you’re willing to put the work in and you can do it, I think it can open up a ton of opportunities.”

Take a listen to the podcast and check out the included resources! And ICYMI, here’s Lisa’s most recent blog post, where Everlaw open-sourced our GDPR compliance prep sheet.