Latest Product Release Brings Speed Improvements to All Users

As the clock struck midnight on Saturday night, so concluded our third feature release of 2018. At a cadence of about one release per month, we’re on track for another great year delivering incredible value to our customers.

Some releases are giants, like the January release that brought us data visualization and a predictive coding system upgrade. Or the other January release (there were two!) that gave us the Organization Admin role. Others, like this month’s, involve more under-the-hood changes that are still hugely impactful to our customers and their day to day workflows.

With this release, we’ve prioritized efficiency for our everyday users. Your time is valuable and we want to save more of it—through speed improvements and the ability to add multiple users at once.

Everlaw faster ediscovery

Performance Improvements

We’re always working to make Everlaw faster for you. This release, we’ve made major speed improvements in the following areas:

  • Persistent highlights: cases with thousands of persistent highlights now have faster review window load times.
  • Bulk redactions: you can now redact hundreds of terms in a single document faster than ever.
  • Grouping large searches: you’ll experience shorter wait times when grouping hundreds of thousands of documents.

We’ve also added general speed improvements throughout the site.

Add Multiple Users at Once

Whether you’re adding five or fifty users to your project, you can now add them all at the same time, cutting down the time it takes to get your team up and running. Read more about adding multiple users.

Download Deduplicated Document List

Guess no more about which documents were deduplicated upon upload. If you choose to deduplicate your documents on upload, you now have the option of downloading a CSV list of all deduplicated documents straight from the upload report. For more information on managing native uploads, please read our help article.

Until next month,

The Everlaw team