Organization Leads, Now Do More!

Over the years, and the dozens of releases we’ve had here at Everlaw, a consistent theme we’ve tackled is taking many of the more powerful features we’ve built and placing them directly in the hands of our users. For instance, over one year ago we gave case admins the ability to upload your own data directly to your case. We also provided the ability to run your own productions at any time, day or night. Did something go wrong in the production? Not to worry, easily make a change to the production or claw back a few documents. No need to rely on Everlaw (though support services remain available), but have the flexibility to do exactly the work you need to do, when you need to do it. Last week’s release is no different. (Full details of the release are available here.)

Organization Admin

We’re proud to introduce the first in a series of updates that give even greater autonomy and supervisory power over projects that your organization owns.

We’ve created a new role in our system for users on annual subscriptions. No longer just users and case admins, there is now an Organization Admin.

Organization Admins have the ability to:

  • Initiate and complete preprocessed data uploads
  • Create and manage full user permissions on new projects for your organization
  • Rename and suspend projects, as well as request project deletion
  • Monitor project sizes
  • View current activity on your organization’s projects by users in the organization
  • View user access history for projects in your organization
  • View all active and finished tasks and exports on projects owned by your organization
  • Download exported documents

Review Work Migration

As of Friday’s release, no need to ever look back at your pre-produced documents to remember how they were coded! You now have the option to copy over your review work—from notes and highlights to ratings and codes—whenever you produce your documents.

Delete Documents from Projects

Any user with uploader privileges can now delete documents from projects and databases, without the need for involving Everlaw Support. Simply pull up your documents, navigate to the Batch icon, and delete them. It’s that simple!

As Always, There’s More

Also included in this release:

  • Production protocols: Admins can now sort documents for production by multiple metadata fields. You can also format the date metadata field for your produced documents to adhere to regional or other specifications.
  • Coding categories in the results table: Add columns to your results table corresponding to individual coding categories.
  • Results table toolbar refresh: The results table toolbar looks a bit different. But not to worry, all your normal tools (and more) are there!

That about does it! Please take our new features for a spin and, as always, let us know what you think at