Audio Transcription to Ease Your Review

The easiest data to search and review is the kind we’re all used to. Words on a page, flowing naturally from left to right, top to bottom. We compose our search, our document appears, we read it, we take notes. Simple.

But as we know, modern data takes many forms. There are chats, social media posts, audio iMessages, voicemails. The list goes on. How do we find the important nuggets of information hidden in a voicemail? Listen to each one? Ignore them and hope the information comes out somewhere else? In an age where Google can send us transcriptions of our Google Voice messages in moments, there must be a better way in ediscovery.

Audio Transcription

We bring to you audio transcription. Our latest feature has undergone months of user testing and iterating before reaching its final state. We’ve tested multiple speech transcription technologies, optimizing for conversational speech like a phone call, a meeting, or a deposition. (It must be said: transcription is a field of active research, and the technology is not yet perfect, but we’ve provided what’s available within the current limits of the technology.)

With this release, you can view an automatic transcript of suitable audio files directly in the review window as you listen to it in the native view. You can take notes on particular timestamps throughout the transcript, navigating back to those notes later in your review. You can access notes with timestamps from the results table. You can even use custom hits to highlight particular text in your transcript.

If “clean energy” is a custom hit you’ve set up for your case, you will immediately be directed to any audio or video files where clean energy is mentioned and the text will be highlighted in the transcript.

Here are some additional details about how the transcription tool works:

  • You can start playback or drag the playhead to a new position, which will cause the relevant part of the transcript to scroll into view automatically.
  • As playback continues, the transcript will scroll to keep the relevant segment in view.
  • If you manually scroll the transcript while the media is playing, the transcript will become “unsynced” from the audio. Simply click the Sync button in the transcription header to re-sync the transcript to the player.

If your dataset on Everlaw already includes native uploads, we’ve already transcribed all the appropriate audio in them. Check out the transcripts today! We will also be adding support for pre-processed document transcription in an upcoming release.

And There’s More

A couple more features we added into this release, just in time for the holidays:

Bookmark pages in StoryBuilder Outlines: You will now be able to easily bookmark a page of a multi-page document within a StoryBuilder Outline. You can navigate directly to bookmarked pages, as well as export PDFs with only bookmarked pages. You can also add multiple bookmarks from a single document to an Outline.

ediscovery outline bookmark

Upload documents from cloud-based apps or via direct links: With this release, upload directly from cloud-storage apps to Everlaw. When navigating to the New Upload page, you will see icons along the bottom that will direct you to popular, cloud-based storage apps:, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Office 365 SharePoint. You will be asked to log in to your application, after which you can select specific files from that app’s site.

Google Vault support: Everlaw’s upload tool can now support the ingestion of Google Vault files.

Adding documents to projects is now 5x faster: Because we know every second matters.

And that’s it! Please take our new features for a spin and let us know what you think at