Native Spreadsheet Redactions in Document Review: our Latest Feature

Everlaw’s document review platform was already powerful when it came to spreadsheets. As an important piece of document review, we made certain that spreadsheets could be searched, that foreign language in a cell could be translated, that hidden content would be expanded automatically, and that cell contents—including formulas within cells—could be viewed in a native spreadsheet viewer.

With our latest feature release, we’re excited to announce another major upgrade to your Everlaw spreadsheet review tools!

Native Spreadsheet Redactions

It’s now possible to redact cells within the native spreadsheet viewer, giving you the power to produce exactly what you want, in the format that you want.

Any part of a spreadsheet in the native viewer—down to individual cells and their dependencies—can be redacted. This allows you to produce fully-redacted native versions of spreadsheets, without the need to image them.

spreadsheet redaction

To use this feature, simply navigate to the spreadsheet viewer in the review window and select the redaction icon.

You are able to redact cells in the following ways:

  • By selecting individual cells
  • By selecting and dragging over a group of cells, to redact them all
  • By selecting a row or column heading, to redact the entire row or column
  • By selecting the top left corner of the spreadsheet, where the row and column headings intersect, to redact the entire sheet

Redacted cells will turn black, and will show up as redacted if the document is produced. You will also have the opportunity to choose a redaction stamp from a list or to create a custom stamp. Read more about custom stamping, as well as redacting cells with dependent cells, in our support materials.

Advanced Proximity Searches

When it comes to searching through many, many documents in the course of your case, one of the most frequent requests we hear is for the ability to create more advanced content searches. We’ve heard your feedback!

ediscovery proximity search

Using Everlaw’s newly updated search tool, you can now construct proximity searches that incorporate phrases and even other proximity searches. Looking for documents with either the word “forecast” or the wildcard search “temp*” within 20 words of the phrase “record high”? Look no further! Everlaw’s “contents” search term is all you need to find the documents you’re looking for.

Assignments Improvements

Do you ever find yourself wanting to quickly access all your unreviewed documents in an assignment? With this release, we’ve given you a button right on your assignment card to do just that.

Another update to assignments is that both grouping and sorting configurations will be maintained upon reassignment. For example, this means if you’re looking at documents sorted by rating, when you assign documents out, they will be assigned in that order. Additionally, if you have admin privileges on assignments, you are now able to view the grouping and sort order right from the assignment dashboard.

Get in Touch!

Check out these latest feature additions, as well as more detailed support materials, the next time you log into the Everlaw platform. Email us at for product related questions, and at if you have any feedback.