SuperConference 2017 and the Modern Technology Driving Ediscovery

Everlaw had the opportunity to attend ALM’s 17th Annual SuperConference two weeks ago in Chicago, and we enjoyed meeting and learning alongside our corporate counsel colleagues.

Lisa Ross, an experienced litigator and Everlaw’s Head of Marketing, moderated a discussion on the intersection of big data and ediscovery, detailing the many ways in which the technology advancements coming out of big data have driven enormous change in ediscovery.

Ediscovery big data

As Lisa and the panelists discussed, specific advances in big data that have helped ediscovery include:

This is a topic near and dear to us. AJ Shankar, Everlaw’s CEO, and Jon Kerry-Tyerman, VP of Business Development and former Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco, co-authored a chapter on ediscovery in a legal informatics textbook due later this year. They discuss in part the technologies powering modern ediscovery. As they summarized:

“When you are immersed in a field, it is easy to believe that you and your colleagues are the only ones facing the particular challenges before you and to thus conclude that the solutions must be similarly unique. As with other fields, however, the challenges in ediscovery—too much information, in too many formats, with too little time and too few people to properly analyze it—are actually incredibly common. And similarly, ediscovery has benefited from enormous advances in the technologies used to address those common challenges. These advances have transformed ediscovery for practitioners, making what was once a dreaded, esoteric workflow into a pursuit that is at once both accessible and cutting-edge.”

With respect to cloud computing, for instance:

“In ediscovery, cloud computing has completely changed the software landscape. The boom-or-bust nature of litigation—in which a single matter can balloon from a few gigabytes to terabytes overnight with the reception of a new production, and then disappear again overnight following a settlement—makes the cloud’s scalability, and lack of advance hardware commitment, that much more appealing. All of the most cutting-edge ediscovery technology is exclusively cloud-based, taking full advantage of the increased efficiency, scalability, simplicity, and connectivity to tackle everything from processing to analytics to collaborative case building. In particular, cloud computing has made it possible to take the most powerful tools and make them accessible to any litigant, on matters of any size, from small-scale investigations to complex multi-district litigation.”

Stay tuned for the book release date. And thanks to ALM for a lively discussion in Chicago. Looking forward to the next event!