Enhanced Features Make Your Ediscovery Review Easier

Our first release of 2017 is live! We continually strive to make ediscovery as easy for you as possible. So, as with almost all of our product releases, this one focuses on just that – your experience as a reviewer on Everlaw.

Now you can enjoy improvements to a number of features, such as coding presets, notes, coding rules, and the help center. We also included backend performance enhancements that will make Everlaw faster and more accessible.

Coding Presets are Easier to Access

With the addition of the coding presets button, you have the option to view, access, and apply your coding presets without having to open the coding panel. You’ll find the coding presets button in the bottom right corner of the review window. You can still apply presets via keyboard shortcuts or the coding panel. To edit or remove presets, you’ll need to open the coding panel.

[arve url=”https://blog.everlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Coding-presets.mp4″ title=”Coding presets are more accessible” description=”Everlaw updates coding presets to be even more accessible” autoplay=”yes”/]

Notes are Better Than Ever

With the newly released enhanced notes, now you can:

  • Batch add a note when coding duplicates, email threads, attachments, and versions in the context panel;
  • See a preview for the first note applied to the document;
  • Access the notes panel by clicking on the sticky note icon in the preview;     

[arve url=”https://blog.everlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Notes-Preview.mp4″ title=”Enhanced notes feature shows notes previews” description=”Enhanced notes feature shows notes previews during document review” autoplay=”yes”/]

  • Add a note directly from the coding filter;

[arve url=”https://blog.everlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Adding-notes.mp4″ title=”Apply a note directly from the coding filter” description=”Apply a note direction from the coding filter” autoplay=”yes”/]

  • Add a note directly form the coding panel.

[arve url=”https://blog.everlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Note-from-coding-panel.mp4″ title=”Add a note directly from the coding panel” description=”Add a note directly from the coding panel” autoplay=”yes”/]

Help is Even More Helpful!

The way you want to find answers may be different from your colleagues, since everyone has different preferences for how to find the help they need. When clicking the “?” in the top right of your screen, you will now see a revamped help section with training videos and written resources drawn directly from our help center.

The default suggested videos and help articles are context-specific, and will change depending on the page you are on when accessing the help overlay. You can also easily search across the entire help center using the search box at the top.

Something wrong? You can now report a bug from the help overlay. Bugs will be submitted directly to our support team, reducing the turnaround time it will take to solve your issue.

Help overlay_updated (1)

Help overlay_updated_searchbar

Please check out What’s New to read about other enhanced features including: a) search dialogue box interface improvements, b) extracting comments and notes from Office docs, c) removing the 2GB export limit, d) searching for uploads in one place, and e) maintaining document order upon export.

We hope these new features give you an even better ediscovery experience with Everlaw. As always, let us know what you think at feedback@everlaw.com!