Participate in Everlaw’s Donation Program

During law school, many students participate in clinics working within underserved communities or devote hundreds of hours to pro bono work. A great number continue this type of work in some capacity after graduation. This sense of public service is integral to the professional identity of lawyers. It also reflects the commitment that legal practitioners have to fighting for equal access to the legal system.

As a technology company focusing on ediscovery and litigation, we interact primarily with a particular segment of the legal market – entities that require advanced ediscovery tools for their everyday work. Though local legal non-profits don’t often fall into this segment, they play a key role fighting to uphold the ideals undergirding the legal community of which we are a part. We think supporting the work of these organizations is a great way to give back, which is why we are establishing our donations program.

Everlaw’s users have long been generous with their input and feedback, helping us create one of the best ediscovery tools on the market in a few short years. They’ve volunteered their time to spend innumerable hours with us on phone calls, feedback sessions, beta demonstrations, and user observation sessions. We are paying this generosity forward by committing to donate $10-$50 per interaction for specific types of feedback opportunities. These donations from Everlaw will go into a general fund that will be disbursed to two great legal non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of each quarter: East Bay Community Law Clinic and Bay Area Legal Aid.

We could not be more excited to start supporting two great organizations that enrich and better the communities we live and work in.

If you have restrictions or policies against having donations made in your name, just let us know. We’ll ensure that there are not ethics violations if you choose to participate in our feedback programs.