A holiday gift for you

The holidays are made for relaxing. Friends, family, a warm fire, a good book.

Except, it doesn’t always work out that way, does it? When the stakes are high, and you’re up against a court-imposed deadline, the work presses on.

We had a client a few months back with a large, time-sensitive project. They had over 2 million records in native format that they needed to process for a production, and they wanted it all done in a few days. Oh, and they needed to start Friday afternoon.

That’s OK. That’s what our customer success team is here for. We worked (both us and the client) over the weekend. By Sunday the client was reviewing documents. By Monday morning, they had access to the full data set. They were happy. We were pleased. We all felt pretty good.

But it made me think about the stress customers feel about processing and production, especially when they’re trying to get a job done outside normal working hours. It starts with deadline stress. That stress is exaggerated by reliance on outside teams. There is nothing worse than feeling powerless to control the outcome of a key deliverable or deadline. Even when everything is going well, it’s human nature to worry.

That’s why our new self-serve uploads and productions are such a big deal. It’s not just the biggest platform update of the year, it’s possibly the biggest stress-reduction package in our history. For one thing, the new system is five to ten times faster. And you benefit from that souped-up performance whether you process documents yourself or have us do it for you. That weekend job I described would now be finished the same day it was started.

Over the long run, I think our users are going to appreciate the self-serve option even more. So much of the stress around ediscovery boils down to that lack of control. When you send your data for processing, you are stuck waiting for updates, wondering if the vendor is going to make your deadline. You can’t control any of it directly, and giving up control is stressful—probably even more stressful than the deadline itself.

Self-serve puts control back in your hands. You process when and how you want. You know exactly when you’ll start, when you’ll be done, and where you are in the process. And forget sending a thumb drive through the mail. The data is encrypted end to end, from processing through production, since it never leaves the platform until you say it does. And since you’re doing the uploading yourself, you save the time it would have taken to ship the data back and forth.

If you’re in litigation support you don’t have to be a middleman between the case team and the vendor. If you’re an ediscovery service provider, you can add even more value and deliver with more confidence.

If you want, you can even have it both ways. Have us process most of your documents, and then, if a few extra come in for review the night before your deadline—no problem. You can upload and produce them yourself.

It’s all about delivering peace of mind. Even on a weekend. Even during the holidays. Now that’s reason for cheer.