New Features Bring More Ease-of-Use

This weekend, we released 8 new features that will enhance your ediscovery search, assignments, and user management experience. They are smaller changes, all aimed at making document review easier in a big way. You can now:

1) Retain data when you delete a reviewer

Members of a review team may come and go. Ensuring that a team member’s departure doesn’t affect the continuity of a review project can be a headache. Now, that process is a lot more manageable with our new data sharing tool. When you remove a user from a case, you can now choose to share the review items and retain the review product associated with that user.
Remove Document Reviewer

2) Share coding presets

Coding presets, the “macros” that allow you to apply multiple codes at once, are now shareable! You can share them with entire groups of users, all users in a particular organization, or individual users. This capability can help you standardize review across a team or an entire case.
Share Coding Presets

3) See hit estimates as you build a query

More information while you’re still building a search can help you review more efficiently and effectively. This is why our ediscovery platform already shows real-time search result previews – and why we are releasing a new feature that shows estimates of the number of documents matching a query. When adding a metadata criterion to your search, you will now see the number of items matching that value in your database. This feature can help you ballpark assignment volumes or project review timing.
Search Hit Estimates

4) Search for null metadata values

Already, you can easily locate documents with a particular value for a given metadata field. If you want to find documents that do not have any value for a field, you can now search for that too by selecting the “no value” parameter. For example, you might want to pull up all documents in your database that do not have a specified custodian.
Null Metadata Value

5) Use de-duplicated “file” field names

We’ve added “Filename” and “File Path” as two new canonical fields. This normalizes all conceptually-related fields under the single “Filename” or “File Path” field, making it easier for you to search across these attributes.

6) Quickly open a document family

The left-hand panel of the review window already shows you document families. During review, you may need to work with a document family in more depth. Instead of having to build a new search to retrieve that document family, you can now simply click the magnifying glass icon to open the family in a new results table.
New Document Family Search

7) See the percent of unassigned docs already reviewed

To make assigning documents even easier, you now have more information on unassigned documents in an assignment group. You can now clearly see what percentage of these unassigned docs have already been reviewed. This is useful because reviewed, unassigned documents cannot be assigned to reviewers within your assignment group.
Unassigned Reviewed Documents

8) Message all users in an assignment group

Need to quickly communicate with all reviewers associated with an assignment group? Instead of adding each person individually, there is now a new “message all assignees” option in your in-platform messaging tool.
Message All Assignees

We hope these new features give you an even better ediscovery experience. As always, let us know what you think at!