LegalTech Whirlwind

Hello!  My name is Lisa Hawke, and I just joined the Everlaw team as Director of Policy and Compliance.  I am excited to be here at Everlaw and in the Bay Area, after moving from Houston, Texas. Aside from the (almost) perfect weather and the vibrant city of Berkeley, what drew me to Everlaw is the team’s whole-hearted and visible dedication to the company’s values.

Everlaw is deeply committed to the security of our data, the privacy of our clients, and the integrity of our company, which came through in all my conversations with the team prior to joining.  I am excited to create, maintain, and implement the policies that underlie some of our most critical processes. This will include serving as Everlaw’s primary policy representative for RFPs and related client questions, leading our SOC 2 Type 2 audit, organizing periodic policy and process reviews, ascertaining that policies are reflective of the reality of our work, and ensuring that product development aligns with our policy goals.

Director of Policy and Compliance Lisa Hawke

So How Did I End Up in LegalTech?

I spent my first several years as a lawyer in the regulatory compliance world. I really enjoyed being in the mix of the business world, advising teams, and solving problems in real time. During my time in compliance and environmental management roles, I worked closely with inside and outside counsel and used many slow and clunky data analysis and collaboration tools. Slow and inefficient processes were part of the frustrating status quo. As our developer Victor said, if lawyers are going to use a tool or feature, it had better improve their workflow significantly. When I saw how user-friendly and fast the Everlaw platform was, I was amazed!

Big Company to Startup

My last role before joining Everlaw was at BP, on a small, scrappy, highly-technical science team, so I was drawn to the opportunity to work with another small, driven team and to make an immediate impact. A few things that I love so far about working at a startup are: the team openness, the ability to apply my practical experience, the fact that my wardrobe has significantly changed, the food selection, and I am looking forward to my first escape room experience next week.

Lisa (Hawke) in Brief

A little more about me:  I am the second Lisa at Everlaw! Since I love birding, I may become known around the office as The Hawke. I was born and raised in Rhode Island, and I am really excited to be living in San Francisco, close to the ocean and to the amazing hiking and nature that the area offers. I checked off Olympic National Park last year, and now I am looking forward to exploring all the parks in California.

You can find me at Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about policy or compliance at Everlaw.