LegalTech NY 2016: Exhibit Hall Awards

Day 2 of this year’s LegalTech New York is in full swing, from the keynote on spying to the plenary session on mitigating risk. For those following along from home or who haven’t had a chance to walk the exhibit hall, here are the most notable efforts I saw on day 1.

Here’s who earned the LTNY16 award for…

Most Athletic: TransPerfect
TransPerfect’s golf simulator is an effective way to shake off all that sitting in sessions. Though with how hard people were swinging, I did worry that the golf ball would burst out of the tarp.

TransPerfect at LegalTech 2016


Most Steampunk: ALM
The ALM’s business card collector is a beautiful gilded machine that hearkens back to earlier times. It’s certainly the most enticing way to enter a raffle I’ve seen here.

ALM at LegalTech 2016


Most Dangerous (for Coffee Drinkers): Thomson Reuters
This expansive white carpet is visually striking, inviting, and a boon for carpet cleaner sales. I suggest detouring around it if you’re carrying a cup of coffee and slightly groggy from last night’s festivities.

Thomson Reuters at LegalTech 2016


Cutest: How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm
It’s hard to beat cuddling with puppies – and its health benefits: “When people interact with dogs, ‘you actually get a drop in blood pressure — a true relaxation response.’” If you need to get away from ediscovery ads, this is the place to head.

How To Manage a Small Law Firm at LegalTech 2016


Scariest: MacroAgility
This visual of the Lawpocalypse seems to prompt many a double-take. It almost makes you want to shred all of the paper in your office before it swallows you whole.

MacroAgility at LegalTech 2016


Funniest Panelist: Ben Weinberger, @BenTheCIO
“You know those endorsements on LinkedIn? I’ve been endorsed 14 times for time travel. I can time-travel, but only forward, and in milliseconds.”

[Update: up to 20 now!]

Alex from Everlaw and Ben Weinberger


Most Changed: Everlaw
I might be biased, but we seem to have changed the most since last year. Makes me wonder what next year will look like!

Everlaw at LegalTech 2015

Everlaw at LegalTech 2016


Did I miss any from Day 1? Which exhibitor do you think deserves an award?