The Growing Importance of Design

Every lawyer knows that how you present an argument is almost as important as the argument itself. This is no less true of legal tools: how easy they are to use is as important as what they do. After all, the most amazing functionality in the world is useless if you can’t figure out how to turn it on. This is where design comes in.

Olivia Designing at EverlawDesign has long been considered a nicety. However, a number of shifts have elevated its importance. For instance:

  • The prevalence of mobile devices has reduced and reshaped the amount of real estate available. In order for tasks to even be possible on smaller devices, they must be done efficiently – which requires good design.
  • The success of those who have prioritized design. Users have “voted” for products with better designs, pushing competitors to restructure if they want a place in the market.
  • The growing demands on practitioners in many fields. As doctors and lawyers are pushed to accomplish more with less, they increasingly choose tools that enable them to work faster and more efficiently.

As forces like these have permeated the market, the need for design has skyrocketed. But what does it mean to think about design during product development? And how can prospective users evaluate whether this was done – so they can pick more effective tools for themselves?

In Legal IT Insider, I describe some of the specific elements to look for when evaluating legal software. Log in to the tools you use, and see if you can spot these user interface and experience improvements!