Investing in Team, Product, and Vision

It’s been a busy few days since we announced a new investment in our company last week. CEO and Founder AJ Shankar has talked about why he’s excited about the funding, as did new Board member Steven Sinofsky and existing Board member Manu Kumar. But part of what has helped us reach this milestone is our amazing team, so we wanted to find out why they were excited about our growth. Across different roles and tenures with the company, the enthusiasm was consistent: everyone was excited to expand our team, to improve our product, and to deliver on our vision.

Everlaw Team

Q: Why are you excited about this investment?


A: Team

More funding means more hires. I’m looking forward to working with even more amazing people. -Daniel, Software Engineer

I am excited for this opportunity to grow Everlaw and create an even better product. -Clay, Operations Engineer


A: Product

I’m excited to ramp up our staffing to give our users a better experience! More features and even better support are just two of the things that we’ll do with more hands on deck. -Brandon, Lead Engineer

This investment provides us many more resources to implement ideas we have about building out business, product, and design processes that are responsive to the needs and experiences of end users. Mondee, User Advocate


A: Vision

I am excited about the raise for the opportunity it gives us to accelerate our growth. Our vision hasn’t changed, but the timetable to reach it has been moved up. Greg, Senior Account Director

There are so many reasons to be excited about this funding, but a big one is because it represents such strong validation of our vision to deliver enterprise-grade legal technology with a consumer-grade user experience. We still see ourselves at the beginning of that journey, so it’s incredibly gratifying to see a firm of the caliber of Andreessen Horowitz not only recognize the amazing headway we’ve made already, but also support us in accelerating that progress! Jon, VP of Business Development


Our team is passionate about Everlaw’s mission to use technology to improve litigation, and thrilled at the chance to accelerate what we can do. With the help of this investment, we look forward to bringing even better technology, design, and service to the legal industry. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, email!