Litigation Partnerships That Benefit You

At Everlaw, we are crystal clear about the fact that we’re a technology company. World Class EngineersAs a company comprised mostly of software engineers—world-class, Silicon Valley software engineers—and run by a computer scientist, we know that making superior technology accessible is the biggest benefit we can bring to the legal community. This kind of clarity of mission is surprisingly uncommon, and it’s one of our key strengths as a company.

That said, we can’t do this alone. While we are, of course, best qualified to support the technology we create—and we are happy to provide that support on an unlimited, complimentary basis—there are many other services that our customers may need that we simply aren’t best suited to provide. We don’t offer collections or forensics services, for instance, nor do we provide comprehensive project management, staffing, or consulting services. For that, we turn to our growing ecosystem of service partners, an arrangement that lets us each play to our respective strengths.

These partnerships, however, are not something we enter into lightly. Everlaw stands for an entirely different kind of user experience, one that is user-centered, modern, and painless. Ediscovery Case SizeWhile the speed, power, and elegance of our software is at the center of that user experience, we know that it is ultimately defined by the sum of everything we do—how we sell Everlaw, support Everlaw, charge for Everlaw, etc. Our partners, acting on our shared behalf in their relationship with Everlaw’s users, therefore also share the responsibility of delivering the Everlaw user experience.

This isn’t just lip service; it’s actually written into our partnership agreements. Just as we’re obligated by those agreements to meet certain standards in delivering the Everlaw technology (e.g. uptime, reliability, etc.), our partners are obligated to meet certain standards in providing service to Everlaw users (e.g. support availability, response times, etc.). We’ve been told that the mutuality of this arrangement is completely unparalleled in our industry, but we see it as essential; it ensures that all of us, whether here at Everlaw or at our partners, are focused on the most important thing: the Everlaw user.

We’re fortunate to have already found many fantastic partners who share this vision. They’re helping us to bring Everlaw to more firms, corporations, and government entities both in the US and internationally (hello, Australia!), and are at the heart of our mission to raise expectations for legal technology everywhere. Together, we’re thrilled to be improving your litigation experience!