5 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Ediscovery Software

It’s easy to spot the warning signs of a breakup. That’s what makes it surprising that so many people choose to stick to their current commitment when it’s clearly not working out. I’m talking, of course, about ediscovery software. A breakup is hard to come to terms with, especially when you put so much effort into searching for your Ediscovery Prince Charming. But when your beloved platform is showing one of these five red flags, you should move on before things get worse:

1) It can’t keep secrets

You’ve been entrusting it with your top-secret documents, but your confidence that it will be able to keep them safe is shaky at best. You’re hearing about incidents like security breaches and data leaks that fill you with doubt about your ediscovery software’s ability to keep sensitive info under wraps. Its lack of advanced security features, like two-factor authentication, is especially concerning. Rather than live in fear of a security breach that will ruin your and your firm’s reputation, you deserve to feel at ease with a more trustworthy tool.

2) It’s incomprehensible

Your ediscovery software isn’t complicated in a way that increases its usefulness; it’s difficult, on purpose. You want to understand it, Ediscovery Software Frustrationand you’re trying. But it’s still not making sense, no matter how much you read user manuals or go through certification exams in order to get into its microchip-filled head. Jumping through these hoops has become a huge drain on your energy. Most frustratingly, your software isn’t making an effort to be more transparent. If it’s not willing to make things easier for you, you’ve got more intuitive tools to choose from.

3) It doesn’t value your time

You expected that ediscovery software, of all things, would understand that time is money for lawyers. You couldn’t have been more wrong. Your software takes an inordinately long time to do anything, from loading a search to opening a new window. The lag breaks your momentum, causing you to lose time and focus. It bogs you down when you’re doing even the most mundane tasks, let alone when you’re hurriedly working on a time-sensitive review project. You’ve got many to-dos on your list, and you don’t need a review tool that wastes any more of your time.

4) It’s expensive

Your ediscovery software was all fine and good during your free trial period. Now that the trial’s over, and the bills are arriving, it keeps on surprising you with more and more extra fees to pay. Everything you thought came as a package deal in exchange for your commitment was a lie, and the exorbitant prices are really eating into your firm’s profit margins. You deserve an ediscovery platform that doesn’t nickel and dime you for necessary functionality.

5) It refuses to change

You’ve struggled with at least one of the red flags above, and you’ve made your complaints multiple times. You’ve told the account people what they could do to improve your experience. But the software hardly ever makes updates or implements your feedback. Or – even worse – you can’t update to the latest version without forking over more money, because it’s installed locally on your computer. When the ediscovery platform you’ve been using has stayed mostly the same after several years, even as the rest of technology has passed it by, something needs to change.

If your ediscovery software is showing these signs, that should be a sobering wake-up call. The good news is, you can do better. There are plenty of fish in the sea – or, plenty of ediscovery vendors on the market. And no matter how many times it takes, you’re better off exploring your options than staying with a product that makes you miserable.

Can you think of other warning signs for an ediscovery breakup? Tell us!