One Lawyer’s Motivations and Challenges

We’re a litigation platform, but we’re also a team. Sometimes, we’re quirky and sometimes we’re razor focused, but we’re always interesting. So, I sat down with Account Director Ian to get his story. I asked about his motivations for becoming a lawyer, his challenges, and how he unwinds.

Ian Sink at Legaltech

Q: I wanted to become a lawyer because:

For two main reasons.  First, it seemed like the most reasonable professional intersection between my skills and my intense interest in “how things work” in our society.  Second, I watched (and loved!) way too much LA Law when I was a kid.  Just try to watch that show and not come away convinced that being a lawyer is the best job in the world, I dare you.


Q: I cry when:

Every time I see animals die or be injured in films.  Seriously, why on earth did our elders think it wise to show children Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows?  It’s borderline child abuse.  And don’t get me started on Game of Thrones and its penchant for offing dire wolves.  Simply not acceptable.


Q: The hardest thing about being a lawyer is:

For me, the hardest thing about being a lawyer is the entirely reasonable expectation from friends and family that I will immediately have insight into whatever highly-specific and often obscure legal issue they happen to run across.  I don’t mind the questions, but being perpetually disappointing for not having the necessary insight off the top of my head isn’t great for the self esteem.


Q: My biggest disappointment is:

Never completely committing to a side career as a professional ping-pong groupie.  I know, I know; there’s still time.  But my best years are undoubtedly behind me.

In all seriousness, my biggest regret professionally is probably not using the time before law school more proactively to investigate different legal fields, specialties, and alternative career paths.  Undergraduate summers and a post-grad year or two surveying the landscape are absolutely essential to arm oneself with an understanding of fit and interest before taking on the next phase of the educational process.  Having that understanding is essential to maximizing the benefits of law school and in striking a meaningful early-career path.


Q: I am happiest when:

Walking in the sun, with a mild breeze at my back, enjoying the sights, and probably listening to a podcast.  Absolutely zen.


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