Our Biggest Feature Release of the Year

So, you’ve found the key documents in your case. Now what? To make them actionable, you need to weave these documents together into a clear and compelling narrative. And that begins with a chronology. StoryBuilder Chronology Feature

Unfortunately, for most legal teams, the task of putting together a compelling chronology is remarkably difficult. Today, either multiple Excel spreadsheets or isolated tools solely intended for chronology creation are often used to organize case documents. These methods provide insufficient features and entail time-consuming and costly transitions from one tool to another. That means time delays, risk, and the potential to miss things.

We want to fix this. That’s why today, we’re releasing a new feature: a Chronology tool built directly into our litigation platform. That means you can now move seamlessly from review to trial prep, all in one smooth workflow.

We’ve had many users bemoan their current process and request something better. Now it’s here! Here are five ways this new feature will significantly improve your workflow:

1) Time Savings

StoryBuilder© Chronology is part of one cohesive litigation workflow – and one tool – that also includes both document review and case-building functionality! That means you can easily and immediately move documents between a deposition or argument outline and your chronology. No need to export or import documents when you finish review and move into downstream litigation. Imagine the time you’ll save with this more efficient process!

2) Team Alignment

StoryBuilder© Chronology provides a high-level view of a case, in a visual and organized way. That makes it easy for case leads to look at it to quickly gauge the progress of review and the opportunities in a case. They don’t have to wait to be emailed a file: they can just log in, and see the latest Chronology. That means a more engaged and aligned team, with buy-in from all levels.

3) Real-Time Collaboration

StoryBuilder© Chronology makes collaboration easy. Your team can curate a case together, at the same time, from different desks, offices, or time zones. This prevents worry about conflicting information, double work, different versions, or duplicates. That means you can immediately see the latest version of your Chronology and feel confident that nothing else is floating around waiting to be added.

4) Improved Accuracy

StoryBuilder© Chronology makes review and case-building more accurate. You can let reviewers view the Chronology so they can better identify where new documents fit in the context of the case. That makes them more efficient and accurate,  improving the chances of finding the most relevant case documents.

5) Optimized Workflow

StoryBuilder© Chronology is full-featured and flexible, because it was specifically designed with your post-review workflow in mind. It lets you do more than just create document indexes sorted by date; it also makes it easy to filter by specific categories or to search by full text or metadata. Additionally, you can organize documents by relevance, events, deponents, issues, and more. That means you get a tool that is much more robust and customized than Excel — not to mention a lot faster!

Apply Labels in Everlaw's StoryBuilder Chronology

We’re excited to offer this new tool because we believe it should be as easy to turn documents into a case as it is to review them. We’re committed to enabling all aspects of litigation on one platform, from review all the way through trial prep.

Users, let us know what you think! Non-users, let us know if you’d like to try it out.