Your Ediscovery Platform is Missing Something

Imagine that you’re buying a birthday present for a friend. You come up with a gift idea, Google different brands, compare prices at a few online stores, and decide to buy. But instead of pressing “Order” on the product page right in front of you, you drive to a physical store – or four – trying to find the gift. Seems silly when you could have just clicked a button, doesn’t it?

Your Ediscovery Platform Is Leaving You Stranded

Unfortunately, many litigators do this exact thing by picking an ediscovery platform that ends at production. Their chosen tool lets them search, browse, code and produce documents – but it doesn’t let them prepare these documents for what comes next! After all, preparing for litigation doesn’t end when you find relevant data any more than gift-buying ends when you find a site that sells the present. After review and production, you might need to build a case chronology, prepare documents to reference in a deposition, or build an argument outline. A case isn’t made by finding files: it’s all about how you use them.

Benefits of Integrating Post-Review Activity Into Ediscovery Platforms

The benefits of integrating post-review activity into your document repository are significant. You don’t have to lose time migrating files between tools. You don’t have to worry about losing files, tags, or notes from review. You don’t have to open yourself up to security issues during data transfer. You don’t have to learn to use a second piece of software, nor do you have to set up a second set of logins. This is a lot of unnecessary inconvenience, risk, and inefficiency.

Redefining “End-To-End Ediscovery”

Right now, “end-to-end ediscovery” commonly refers to tools that span both the left- and right-hand side of the EDRM – beginning with information governance, but extending only through production. But isn’t that a strange way to define “end-to-end,” when review and production is not the end of your prep? We need to redefine a complete ediscovery tool as one that not only finds documents, but that also makes them actionable. Ediscovery needs to mean review and post-review, and the tools we use should deliver on that.

Everlaw’s Full Litigation Solution

For our part, we’re committed to being a full litigation solution that doesn’t leave you stranded once you’ve found the right documents. That’s why we refer to ourselves as a litigation platform as much as we do an ediscovery one. Case outlining, deposition prep, and timeline creation are likely already part of your process. Don’t compromise that process with incomplete tools.