Fairy Tale Costumes at ILTA

Much of the press coverage of the ILTA conference is about what you’d hear if you were attending. Here is a peek at what you would see there.

The Exhibit Hall theme is “Once Upon a Time,” so there was no lack of fairy tale costumes and characters. Alice in Wonderland made an appearance:

Alice in Wonderland at ILTA

Alice in Wonderland at ILTA

So did Frozen:
Elsa and Anna from Frozen at ILTA

And Shrek characters made the rounds:
Fiona and Man from Shrek at ILTA

Gingerbread Man at ILTA

Witches like Maleficent were there too:
Maleficent at ILTA

Witches and Cruella de Ville at ILTA

And Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was well-represented:

Queen and Elvis at ILTA

There was also an assortment of knights, pirates, and princesses:
Knights and King at ILTA

Pirate on Stilts at ILTA

Princess Bride at ILTA

Old-fashioned dresses with ruffles were popular too:
Blue and Silver at ILTA

And two fairy tale characters were even laden with leaves:
Jack's Beanstalk at ILTA

Treeman (or woman) at ILTA

Which ILTA costume is your favorite?