Technology Sizzled at Legaltech West Conference

Hyatt Regency San FranciscoOn July 13th and 14th, lawyers and technologists came together at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in San Francisco to discuss a rapidly-changing legal tech landscape. A genuine and palpable enthusiasm for technology buzzed in the exhibition hall and sessions, shared by attendees, vendors, and panelists alike. Compared to previous iterations of Legaltech conferences, this year’s West Coast event benefited from its location in the tech hub of America, boasting more attendees – many of them highly tech-savvy. I asked attendees and exhibitors about their experience at Legaltech West Coast 2015, as well as how it compared to previous shows:

“What are you liking about Legaltech West Coast?”

I like the new location. It used to be in Los Angeles, but here in the Bay Area, we’re at the heart of high tech. You get the best people here from the best law firms and corporations people that understand the software. Anatoly Soyfer, Business-Integrity

What I really like about it is the intimate setting. You have the opportunity to approach and talk to people without having to work your way through a busy crowd. Jennie Azoulai, General Counsel News

The people are great at Legaltech West. I think there’s a lot more enthusiasm for technology, and you can feel it – whereas I was in Los Angeles [last year] for quite a long time, and I kind of lost the “sizzle.” Now, it’s back. Greg Stesiak, D4 LLC

The audience at LTWC15 is extremely well-versed in ediscovery and legal-focused technology. The discussions are consistently excellent, and touch upon many cutting-edge tools and techniques.  Ian Sink, Everlaw

“How has your experience here been, compared to previous conferences you attended?”

I think that it’s been a lot more exciting than previous years in LA. It was fascinating to hear about all the new innovations in data security. People are really taking the initiative to try to protect themselves. Rebecca Cattich, LexisNexis

It’s a smaller show – Legaltech New York is the main show, while this is more of a satellite. But LTWC15 is a much more manageable size, and a great place to get your feet wet without feeling overwhelmed. – Jennie Azoulai, General Counsel News

LTWC15 is like a think tank where everyone has input and participates, instead of listening to lecturers and speakers all day. The diverse crowd – there are more tech people than lawyers – also makes a huge difference. – Mary Redzic,

Given that LTWC usually has about a tenth the number of attendees compared to LTNY, I am very impressed with the traffic in the exhibit hall.  There are very few window shoppers, too, with nearly everyone seriously and thoroughly evaluating their options.Jon Kerry-Tyerman, Everlaw

Legaltech Exhibit Hall
The Legaltech West Coast experience this year was an indisputable upgrade – thanks to a strategic location, energized attendees, invigorating discussions, and a shared appreciation for technology. We love being based in the Bay Area, where such an environment thrives!

We’re looking forward to another enriching experience at our next conference, ILTACON in Las Vegas. We will be exhibiting from September 1st to September 3rd. Whether you’re a seasoned conference-goer or a new face, come say hi to us at booth 605. Hope to see you there!