Have You Met Alex?

Hello! My name is Alex, and I recently joined Everlaw as a marketing coordinator. I’m thrilled to be part of a very exciting time for Everlaw, in light of our rapid growth (four new members in two weeks!), our recognition by Gartner, and a major new feature in the works. As I step into the world of legal technology, I am prepared to meet new challenges, and to make and learn from many mistakes.

It’s been a jarring transition from full-time student to employee, but Everlaw has made it much easier for me. I initially found it hard not to be awestruck – and even slightly intimidated – by the skilled software developers and legal professionals that make up the Everlaw team. By some strange turn of fate, these incredibly smart and experienced people had become my coworkers. My awe at their talent has not changed with time, but thanks to the friendly and open startup culture, I have become far less intimidated. It’s amazing that I can take five steps from my desk to talk to AJ, our CEO, or that we can all get together for a crazy game of bubble soccer. My new company definitely understands how important it is to have fun at work, which is an attitude I can really get behind.

Another thing I love about Everlaw is how unabashedly quirky it is. INew Everlaw Employee’m surrounded by proud nerds who make me comfortable embracing my own nerdiness, and it’s been easy to fit right in. Once, I joined a fun conversation in the kitchen that touched on everything from Ender Wiggins to Harry Potter fanfiction. Another time, I helped solve mind-bending puzzles with the team in an intriguing “room escape” scavenger hunt activity. With this crowd, I can wax lyrical about the panoply of things that fascinate me – such as philosophy, dystopian literature, artificial intelligence, detective dramas, experimental music, and ridiculously sugary desserts. It’s a wonderfully open environment where doing great work and feeling the freedom to be yourself aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m thankful I get to begin my professional career in such a supportive atmosphere.

As I continue to bring interesting content about both Everlaw and the larger legal technology industry to this blog, I would love to hear from our audience! I encourage you to write to me about any topics you would like to see.

I’m happy that this exciting new chapter in my life has coincided with a new chapter in the growth of Everlaw. It is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to learn and grow with the company in this year of ambitious change and progress.