Even Better Document Search and Review

Another month, another update that makes Everlaw even easier to use. In this release, we’ve improved deduplication, redaction, and image interactivity—along with our usual speed and stability improvements. Here are the highlights!


Deduplication Enhancements

Now, you can see how many exact duplicates are in your query right on the document search screen.

Duplicates on Search Screen

You can also now choose whether to include or exclude duplicates right in the results table. Both of these changes give you immediate and clear insights into your document set and enable you to confidently move through document review without encountering duplicates.


Simpler Redaction

The redaction tool now has a dedicated redaction icon. Look for it to the right of the highlighter icon in your review window toolbar.

New Text Redaction Icon

Once you’ve activated the redaction button, simply drag to highlight the text you’d like to redact, just as you would with any other highlight. Easy!


Image View Interactivity

Finally, we’ve made a major improvement to the “image view” in the review window. If your images are in PDF format, you will now have access to hit highlighting and text selection directly in the image view! These tools were previously limited to the text and native views, but can now we applied to PDFs. Going forward, PDF will be our standard image format, so any images created by Everlaw will enjoy this enhanced functionality.


We have some really exciting features in the works for upcoming releases.  If you would like a glimpse into our development process or to weigh in with feedback, give us a shout at contact@everlaw.com.