Design in Legal Software

Do you remember your first time figuring out a piece of technology? Maybe it was the happy white noise of hearing your computer connect to AOL or seeing an app successfully download onto your iPhone. It feels good when technology works for you.

In your professional life, you’ve probably had moments that were the exact opposite: confusion and disbelief that something could be so complicated. Though that may seem to be the norm in legal, it doesn’t have to be; there are pieces of software that you can pick up quickly.

Everlaw's Communicator Award
Our Communicator Award!

And the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts thinks that we’re one of them! They’ve just awarded a Communicator Award to our discovery platform for our January redesign. Our goal was to make every action you take faster, so your software never holds you back.

As proud as we are of our award, we’re more excited for what this means for the legal industry as a whole. Good user experience and design have long been absent from legal software, forcing lawyers and paralegals to cringe their way through their days. What this recognition really shows is that legal technology has come a long way – and that users should continue to demand more from their software. Now, that’s great news for all of us!

Congratulations to our fellow legal website winners, law firms Benach Ragland, Bloom Legal, Bovis Kyle Burch & Medlin, Brannock & Humphries, Debevoise & Plimpton, Foster Pepper, Gallagher Sharp, Gray Plant Moody, Law Brandmeyer & Packer, Morrison Mahoney, Moore & Van Allen, Parker Poe, Paulson Coletti, Schwartzkopf Law, Shumway Van, Sullivent Law, Torys, Wadhwani & Shanfeld, and WeissBrown!