Legaltech New York 2015: A Recap Roundup

The Everlaw team at the boothWith the largest (and arguably most important) legal technology event of the year now behind us, it’s time for the inevitable Legaltech New York recap.  Rather than add to the noise, however, we’ll help you cut through it with our handy guide to the best recaps of others.  We call it our recap roundup:


  1. Michele Lange lists the 10 most memorable moments at Legaltech this year on Kroll Ontrack’s The Ediscovery Blog. Catch up on everything from the cold weather in New York to ALM’s announcement of a new editor.


  1. Dean Gonsowski analyzes possible outcomes of this year’s Legaltech in his recap of the event. He touches on both Information Governance and the gap between available technologies and their adoption in the real world.


  1. Drew Lewis lists 7 key takeaways, including how cyberspace issues took center stage during this year’s event and how predictive coding didn’t get the same attention it normally does.


  1. Nicole Black chronicles MyCase’s Legaltech adventure, filled with dinners and explorations of the exhibit halls, including lots of photos.


  1. Five attendees told Attorney at Work about the Legaltech happenings that were most memorable for them. These ranged from the judges panel urging counsel to better collaborate on ediscovery to the shift in thinking about cloud-based software.

We learned a lot during our first year exhibiting, both from the informative sessions and the excellent interactions we had with lawyers, legal technology experts, journalists and other attendees.  If you didn’t have a chance to stop by our booth at the show, don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo!