Everlaw Redesign: A Preview

As you know, we’re particularly fanatical about delivering an unparalleled user experience.  We know that some of you spend thousands of hours working in Everlaw, and we want to make every second of that work as joyful as possible.  (Yes, joyful!)

To that end, we’ll be launching a new interface in the next few weeks! We’re excited because we think you’ll find the new look and functionality even easier to use! Below is a preview of this discovery redesign, so you know what to expect—and look forward to.  You’ll notice lots of small touches here and there, from new iconography to fluid animations, but here is some more detail about the larger changes.

Clearer Home Page

Your home page is the center of your ediscovery work desk.  As such, we’ve redesigned and reorganized it to be clearer, more actionable, and easier on the eye.  Everything is organized into columns—past searches, binders (more on that below), StoryBuilder outlines, etc.—and each column will bubble up the items that you access most frequently.

You’ll also notice that we renamed Tags to Binders.  We’ve made this change to better reflect how you’ve been using Binders: as ways to organize collections of documents for yourself and for others.

From this…

Everlaw Redesign, Old Homepage

…to this:

Everlaw redesign New Homepage

Improved Messaging

One of the advantages of our ediscovery tool is that you can keep all of your conversations about the evidence in one place.  Now, we’ve made improvements to help you send, retrieve, and read messages more easily.  You can now filter your messages to show only those you’ve sent or received, in addition to those you’ve favorited or haven’t yet read.

From this…

Everlaw Redesign, Old Messages 

…to this:

Everlaw Redesign New Messaging

Streamlined Batch Coding

Coding is at the heart of review.  The coding panel in the review window has been refined over the years based on your feedback and our analysis of tens of thousands of user interactions.  Now, we’ve applied that same streamlined tool to batch document coding.  The new batch coding panel is not only familiar, but powerful, offering all of the options you need to make quick work of large groups of documents.

From this…

Everlaw Redesign, Old Search and Review

…to this:

Everlaw Redesign, New Search and Review

We’re excited to bring you these changes, and more, with our upcoming release. We’ll keep you updated as we roll it out, but if you have questions about the redesign or want a preview in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us!